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In June, we are launching the first part of our leadership development companion providing you with great insights about your strengths and how you flourish as a leader.

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Join our launch

In June, we are launching the first part of our leadership development companion providing you with great insights about your strengths and how you flourish as a leader.

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your leadership
wyrd is the platform to lead yourself and teams with lasting impact.

your smart companion
for transformational leadership

lead with confidence

You are uniquely you – and you will find your own authentic way to impactful leadership.

navigate everyday challenges

Solve your real-life leadership challenges. Learning by doing – no generic courses. Fits your schedule.

cut through the noise

Reliable, evidence-based advice backed by positive psychology, neuro-science, systemic coaching, and New Work principles. Simplified through smart tech.

Elements of impactful leadership development

Gain Insights

Leadership starts with understanding yourself and the people around you.

  • Discover individual and team strengths, values, and needs
  • Get the language and structure to make things explicit and talkable

Turn Insights Into Actions

Apply new awareness to create change.

  • Identify and commit to actions for yourself and the team
  • Choose goals and interventions to solve real-life challenges

Sustain Positive Impact

Keep the momentum for lasting change.

  • Reinforce new behaviours with practice, feedback, and commitment
  • Monitor progress and adjust as needed
  • Choose the appropriate leadership tools for your team

Why you'll love wyrd

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    Practical & Contextual
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Tackle real-life challenges within the context of your team and each individual. Our non-invasive approach seamlessly integrates into your day-to-day.

wyrd is all about learning by doing. We go beyond generic and passive learning methods, ensuring effectivity by design.
Practical & Contextual
wyrd uses the latest scientific research to back every method and tool with solid evidence.
We base our approach on positive psychology, neuroscience, and systemic coaching theories to provide you state-of-the-art transformational leadership development.
wyrd is your go-to leadership development resource, always available when you need it and effortlessly fitting into your busy schedule.

Start right away with a free version. Even our paid plans come at a fraction of the cost of personal coaching.
wyrd focuses on leveraging everyone's unique qualities, steering clear of the traditional narrative of fixing weaknesses.

We aim to offer varied methods, involve you in co-creating wyrd’s future, and surprise you with innovative additions.
Digital coaching is powerful: It is non-judgmental, unbiased, and confidential. You can be yourself, vulnerable, and ready to grow without the need to impress anyone.

Your data is safe. It is stored in Europe, and we comply with highest standards (GDPR).

Why others love wyrd

We are fully launching soon. Although, feedback from our beta testers is already coming in. Take a look at the first impressions and discover how we are democratising impactful  leadership development.

  • I always struggled with the pressure to be a 'perfect' leader. wyrd has been a breath of fresh air, helping me to accept my flaws and focus on my strengths. This approach has not only boosted my confidence but also my effectiveness as a leader.

  • Before wyrd, I used the same leadership techniques for everyone. Now, wyrd gives me insights into each team member’s strengths, values, and motivations, plus our team dynamics. This helps me tailor my approach, making my leadership effective and personal. Wyrd handles the complex analysis, so I can focus on leading uniquely.

  • wyrd’s integration into our daily work has been seamless and cost-effective. Their free version allowed us to start improving right away, with practical tools for everyday challenges like conflict resolution and development talks. It's made a huge impact with little disruption.

Launch in Summer 2024

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